Tuesday, March 5, 2013

mostly wordless

here are a few pictures from our tuesday... 


nina said...

Just compare your pics from the day with mine. Shush! I forgive Denmark for not getting hot in summer. You've got early spring, we do not. End of story.

greg|regan said...

Hi Nina,

Yes-- if this will stick, though apparently the temperatures are going down to around freezing again in the next few days. But, if spring really is here now (aside from a few more days at freezing) then i think it a pretty sensible time to start-- right as you're starting to wonder when it will be here, it's here (though I admit I've been expecting it for some weeks now, knowing it would be earlier than Wisconsin... how much earlier???).

But then we don't get the beautiful warm spring days like Madison gets when winter finally releases its grip on the midwest. We seem to only get those days once summer comes around. Spring still means temperatures below 10C for months, if I'm remembering correctly. That's okay. Right now, at least, temperatures of 5-7 sound wonderful! (But I wonder how I'll feel about those numbers in May.)

Side note: Denmark's seasons (in an official sense/on the calendar) last three months, each beginning on the first of the month (March, June, September, December).