Thursday, March 14, 2013

shoo fly

i guess we are probably setting some sort of record.  henry was sick with the stomach flu today.  then william threw up at dinner time but potentially only in response to being so grossed out seeing his brother do it.  i can't be sure, because he's been fine since.  but all of our beds are covered with towels to at least be puke resistant if not proof.  i talked to a classmate of mine on the phone today who also has a little kid and she said, 'welcome to denmark.'  i don't know.  a year in, are we still adjusting to another country's bugs?

i hear the dryer stop. it's laundry city over here today.  then i suppose i should sleep while they sleep... just in case we're in for a long night.


nina said...

Oddly, our cat threw up two nights in a row. Except on OUR bed! Doin' laundry right now!

greg|regan said...

Cats are one of the more considerate pets after all. =)