Wednesday, March 6, 2013

day 16

it finally happened this morning.  yesterday afternoon actually.  i noticed what i thought might have been a chicken pox bump in william's ear and then a couple more barely discernible red bumps on his chest.  this morning there were others, still not completely obvious to an eye that didn't just see this same thing sixteen days ago, and at first he said he felt fine, but as the day went on the bumps multiplied and he languished on the couch.  we read many chapters of 'the hobbit' and he watched lots of old 'pink panther' episodes while i got my homework done and emailed it off to my teacher for friday's class.  

the day was the most beautiful day outside since before winter began.  my phone said it was 11 degrees, which is over 50 degrees fahrenheit.  we opened the back door and window and i stood out in the sunshine for a few minutes, but william was not feeling up to going out.  later, after greg came home with henry, he and i went on a long walk while greg cooked dinner.  henry chose the tricycle and directed us around the neighborhood with a good bit of confidence, if not overconfidence (as in when he would say, 'no cars, we can go!' (a phrase surely learned from his brother) with barely a glance to the street in front of him).  earlier in the afternoon as william requested and received an additional glass of orange juice and henry requested one but did not get it, we explained to him that it was because william was sick, and henry gave us an impressively downtrodden face and then said in an impressively sullen voice, 'henry sick.'  you get a good actor when you bring a one year old to a new country and ask him to learn to imitate completely new sounds.  

heading off on our adventure

one of the last stops-- the nearby church

behind its whitewashed wall
and now for sleep.

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