Wednesday, March 20, 2013


yesterday we kept henry home and toward the end of the afternoon he had a diaper that would have gotten him sent home had he not been there already.  today we brought him to school and i kept my fingers crossed... and then went to pick him up early after we got a call about his 'dÃ¥rlig mave... igen' (bad stomach... again).   so, i will keep him home tomorrow.  other than one really bad diaper a day he's mostly been full of his usual energy.  hopefully he will be over this bug soon.  tomorrow is sort of a tricky day, so there may or may not be a post.  goodnight! 


Anonymous said...

Have you tried to give him some grated apple ,it is often recommended as a cure for diarrhea.


greg|regan said...

Hi Erik,

In the course of his illness he's had apples in many forms-- whole, sliced, sauced, juiced... but not grated. Perhaps it could work!