Sunday, March 17, 2013


this morning was a first... one we will undoubtedly see repeated over and over ten years from now or so... but this morning, it was surely a fluke-- that greg and i were both up before either guy on a sunday (though neither probably slept in much past 7:00).  what is it like to parent a pair of teenagers? i feel like we're worlds away from that.

not that the morning was all relaxing.  we had to get the house ready for an open house today.  the first one since we've lived here.  we have to think that the end is relatively near but really, who knows. we've taken peeks at the rental website now and then just to see what our other options might be, in case it sells.

we ate lunch with our neighbors while the open house was going on-- green bagels for the occasion of st. patrick's day, which i've seen no evidence of being celebrated in denmark (the bagels were homemade), though surely there is an irish bar or two in copenhagen taking good note of the day.

and for dinner-- shepherd's pie-- though completely unintentionally, as it was leftovers from last night.

post-open house...

this is a post-script-- apparently there's a st. patrick's day parade in copenhagen... so... they celebrate.

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