Saturday, March 23, 2013

picture day

we could only mourn the fact that it was still freezing with snow on the ground on march 23rd before lunch.  because there was this... 
if you live near us and you've forgotten what it is, i'll tell you... it's the sun (!)... in a blue sky.  

so around lunch, we went out.  you don't necessarily need twenty-seven pictures to get the idea of our adventure, but that's what i've got for you.  to the fields and the forest! 

happy spring...winter... happy springter.

1 comment:

nina said...

Please, please send that sunshine south! Seriously!

Great photos -- I loved seeing the slow removal of layers of clothing: it's like a seasonal montage!

So now let's all get this cold stuff behind us. I know it's good for the maples syrup, for the grape vines, for the apple orchards. But surely it's time to SPRING forward!