Monday, September 14, 2015


sometimes, even when i leave the house in the two o'clock hour to pick up henry, we're not home until two hours later.  usually because i've interrupted some fun play time and he's not ready to leave.  and then when we finally do get out the door and over to william we've interrupted some fun play time for him and he's not ready to leave.  usually by that time someone's got to use the bathroom.  today was one of those days, but it didn't matter so much.  our only requirement was getting home in time for dinner.  

on the way home, william taught himself how to get on a bike the danish way... 

and we passed by the bookmobile!  so we stopped and went in.  

and picked up (once again) their only english copy of 'captain underpants.'  actually, it's not the danish library system's only english copy (they have one or two other books in the series) but it's the one that's usually in the bookmobile.

later, as i went to write this post, i saw a facebook message on a local neighborhood group that said the local government is proposing to do away with the bookmobile.  apparently it's the second time they've proposed this.  of course i hope it doesn't happen.  i can't imagine anyone wants it to happen except the jerk who proposed it.  just kidding.  i'm sure he or she's not a jerk.  just a practical politician looking to balance the budget in a crush-the-good-times-of-little-kids kind of way.   isn't that always the case that it's the great little things that get taken away first?  

i just checked to see if the bookmobile of my childhood was a thing of the past-- turns out it's not!  it celebrated it's 40th anniversary two years ago and there's even a video about it: 

well, i sure hope william and henry can go on the roskilde bibliotek's website decades from now and see something similar.


nina said...

That's the way I mounted a bike in Poland! :)

Martha said...

Always. Next up, running along side the bike and just vaulting on, like on a horse. My bike was the horse I never had.