Wednesday, September 23, 2015

nice day for a birthday

i rode past the cow from yesterday (and her friends) before i took this picture this morning... 

and this evening, saw on a local fb group that she (or more likely one of her look-alike friends), had a calf this afternoon.

i'll look for him and take a picture if i see him.  he's got dark brown hair.

what was i doing this afternoon?  watching this little man do his playground tricks.  his brother was at a birthday party.

i ask him, "what would you do if you fell?"

"i would cry and i would go to the hospital," he tells me.

well, at least he knows the risks involved.


nina said...

I've always admired your ability to hang back and let him take some risks. That's awesome parenting.

Anonymous said...

Now just remember exposing him to some fire parent like a dane..


greg|regan said...

Nina, he doesn't leave me much choice. You're right when you say 'hang back' because there's not much encouraging needed. It's just what he loves to do!

Erik, yes, I saw this article!