Tuesday, September 22, 2015

en plena luz

today, in three progressively longer though still exceedingly short chapters

chapter one-- your animal of the day... 

chapter two-- what henry was up to when i went to pick him up...

and chapter three-- the song that's been stuck in my head all day.  the last song on the silvio rodriguez side of william's tape:


nina said...

Is it in the words or in the melody?
Is that animal slated to be on someone's plate soon?
Does Henry like school? (I have no doubt that William does.)

greg|regan said...

the guitar playing at the beginning, 'al final', 'en plena luz', and if i knew more of the words, those words too.

i hope the cow won't be on anyone's plate soon. i hope!

henry likes school and he missed it very much when we were in the u.s. but he also loves being home on fridays when he could go to school if he wanted. the first (and maybe second?) friday we were back here, he went to school instead of staying home. (you're right!)