Wednesday, September 16, 2015

weathery heights

a typical day weather-wise.  i should have been more thoughtful to capture all its stages.  but i got the blue skies, and i have to say, that was the best part... 

this is in holte, north of copenhagen, mid-morning.

later, at lunchtime, i went to the coast (the coast being the strait that separates the island of denmark that we live on from the southern part of sweden.  it connects the baltic sea to the north sea). i've surely mentioned that i do some proofreading for a new magazine in denmark (aimed at the expat community) and so went out to lunch today with the editor, to a danish inn (a kro, in danish) that had been featured in the latest edition of the magazine.  it looks out onto the water and to sweden in the distance, but there was no one sitting on its expansive patio today, despite what it had looked like a couple hours prior just 15 kilometers inland.  when we arrived it was overcast, cool, and windy, with water still pooled on the outdoor furniture from a recent rain.

this is still sunny holte
by the time i was back home and dinner rolled around, it was raining steadily in our neck of the woods.

but i won't forget that at least at one point today the sun didn't have any clouds to compete with...

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Anonymous said...

Not to nitpick...but it's not the north sea (aka vesterhavet in DK) connecting to the strait between Sweden and Denmark
Baltic Sea -> Øresund -> Kattegat -> Skagerak -> North Sea.
You should visit Skagen ,you can actually see where the two seas meets/clash together.