Friday, September 4, 2015

chicken rice

11 o'clock.  that's my bedtime.  just a couple of pictures from my book club tonight.  it was a singaporean book so it was singaporean dishes.  this means the boys and greg also ate singaporean tonight because they ate my dish-- hainanese chicken rice.  here's greg's plate... 

at book club... sitting down to dinner...

some of the food on the table (of course there is the hainanese chicken as you can tell from the first picture.   the rice is hidden underneath the chicken and veggies.  i had to put it all together to transport it in my bike basket.  i brought the chicken broth which can serve as an accompanying soup in my backpack.

happy friday!

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nina said...


BTW, Denmark made our national news today. (On the juxtaposition between Denmark and Sweden on the influx of refugees.)