Monday, September 21, 2015

feat of the ever moving sky and getting past the helmet and the curved monkey bars and moving at the pace of a snail

on my way back from dropping off henry this morning... 

when i left the house to pick the boys back up, the weather was shifting.  it was one-half blue skies, one-half dark clouds and very cold.  cold like the dark-clouds half that made me regret not taking my rain coat with.  i kept pushing the boys-- "i think it's going to rain, i think it's going to rain" but they aren't really kids you can push, no matter how you might try.  they go at their own pace.  they convince you to let them do just one loop of the monkey bars before leaving school and then to stop at a park on the way home.  

the helmet almost saved henry at one point, but it didn't. he flipped head first into a bar, not realizing it was there.  ouch.  and a big bump to show for it.

the feat of the curved monkey bars
and it never did rain.  well, looking out now, into the dark, i see that there have been a few light showers, but that is very much par for the course lately.  what i like the most is not getting caught in it for very long sans the proper attire. 

and finally, this was from last night.  can you see that there's something there, on the door?

i knew it... i knew he'd gotten inside.  i swear this is the same guy that was on the outside of this same door just a few days ago.  of course he's gotten rid of his rain gear, but i still recognize him... 

but he's back outside now.  at least, i think he is.  

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Anonymous said...

If it's the creature from hell,"dræbersneglen" you should definitely kill it, as it's considered an invasive species!