Tuesday, September 8, 2015


this was taken yesterday.  we've had two warm, sunny afternoons in a row.  

though today greg picked william up from school.  i brought henry to preschool this morning but he was adamant he didn't want to be there.  one of his teachers recently moved into the office/leader role while they look for a new school leader (they had a failed search the first time around).  so now henry's got a new substitute in the classroom and i think that's something he's still adjusting to.  so when the substitute was there this morning and not one of his regular teachers he decided he didn't feel well (though he was definitely not sick) and wanted to go home.  after about 30 minutes of sitting with him and gently trying to convince him to stay and waiting for one of his usual teachers to arrive and having her try to convince him, i finally decided it wasn't going to happen today, so we left and went to the grocery store together and bought food for tonight's dinner.  we went back home and i mostly cleaned while henry played inside and out, pretty independently.  he found a dead mouse (perhaps a rat-- it wasn't tiny), one that i'd seen a day earlier and decided he wanted to put food in its mouth in case it was just sleeping and would wake up hungry.  i convinced him not to touch it.  he suggested mice might eat worms and got out a shovel to dig up a worm, but i don't think he ever found one.  later when we had a visitor-- a woman who'd borrowed one of our bikes last spring, returning it today-- henry brought her over to the spot where the mouse was, but it was no longer there (fortunately), so instead he nearly gave her a heart attack by climbing up the cherry tree to give her some cherries and he impressed all of us by referring to a cake she'd made us the day she borrowed the bike (and the only other time he'd ever seen her) (though i think it was actually bread if i'm remembering correctly).

william and class went to the zoo today.  they walked to the train station, took the train, and then from there, walked to the zoo, which i recall being a fairly decent walk.  and greg somehow ran 20 kilometers (12.4 miles).  also william made a bow and arrow at his after-school.

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