Friday, October 30, 2015

before halloween

i got a couple pictures of william in his halloween costume today but they're on my phone and we only uploaded the photos from greg's taken during a 'low-light' evening at the library (meaning my camera wasn't going to cut it).  

but even greg's phone had trouble capturing the stealthiness with which i sneaked some chips for the boys before the buffet officially opened up... 

outside the library.  roskilde was also having a 'light party' tonight and the library was one of the locations on the map...

just behind the library... coupled with the telling of some spooky story i couldn't quite catch...

we timed our buses poorly both getting there and going home.  here we are waiting for the bus home.  we walked down about four bus stops before finally coming to a stop and waiting another ten minutes.  during that wait, around 9:30 at night, many more people passed us on bicycles and on foot than they did in cars on this main road.

the boys went almost immediately to sleep when we got home, after william saved a slug who was waiting at our doorstep and henry fretted over its safety.

and now it's 11, so it's our bedtime too.

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