Wednesday, October 14, 2015

give me a T

greg took a vacation day today to watch the boys while i went for a shoulder x-ray and ultrasound.  it was in the town at the hospital where it was first hinted that i might have cancer, where, a week later, i was diagnosed, and where, eventually, i would have my surgery.  that said, i think i've had more good news delivered at that hospital (in the form of x-rays or ultrasounds of one kind or another) than bad, and so i think my nerves get a little less rattled going in there each time i have occasion to visit.

today was more good news:  biceps tendonitis.  basically irritation of one of my tendons.  it hasn't been bothering me except insofar as it is an on-again, off-again, yet persistent (2+ months) burning feeling in my shoulder.  and the only reason i bothered to have it checked out is because it doesn't behoove me to ignore persistent, especially one-sided pains, as minor as they may seem.  and i am never without some worry over what might be found.  i will take tendonitis any day.

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