Tuesday, October 6, 2015


it only got windier from here... 

but aside from dropping off and picking up and taking out the garbage and taking out the compost and bringing a couple of oversized nerf-like swords back to the giveaway shed that henry'd attempted to re-home here, i spent the day inside and out of the way of the wind.

a friend was coming over and i was either going to tell her to close her eyes if she needed to use the bathroom or i was going to have to clean it.  the bathroom: which seems to stay clean for about half a day after i clean it.  i assume this is normal with boys living in the house, though i wouldn't be surprised if my two guys were exceptionally talented in the area of transforming a clean bathroom into a modern art exhibit along the lines of 21st century danish bathroom lands in the dust bowl of the 1930s.

so i cleaned it.  and if i lose my memory between today and tomorrow, i will have little in the way of clues that i put in the effort today... i just know it.  (so remind me to read this post.)

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