Thursday, October 29, 2015

catch your eye, leave you befuddled


i was watching a little puppy for a neighbor.  just dropping in on her.  i tried taking her for a walk mid-morning but she didn't want to walk much.  i could get her to run though... until something, unapparent to me, caught her nose or her eyes or her curiosity and she'd stop again.  so in the early afternoon when i came back to check on her we just sat out on her lawn.  when you're sitting and petting a very small puppy you start talking to them and singing songs about them.  that is inevitable. we were very low to the ground because she is so very small.  i was noticing the clover and telling her that i have never found a four-leaf clover, despite all the time i spent looking for one (especially as a kid), wondering aloud if i would ever find one.  "lulu belle, oh lulu belle"... and then something, unapparent to her, caught my eye.  a couple tattered leaves where something very, very small had taken some bites from it, but there were four, plain as day, and, without comprehending what exactly it all meant that i had found it then and there, i claimed it as mine...

and proclaimed lulu a good luck dog right there on the spot.

later, the boys and i played by building a flat roofed house with citi blocks.  henry built the back porch.
my camera says we did this in low light.

and even later, in even lower light, william found a hyggelig spot on the stairs to read his book.

not less than a few magical moments today, for sure.

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