Thursday, October 8, 2015


these gals are the cutest. 

today began at 6 though i can't say i slept much after 5, so half-awake paranoid i was at missing the alarm and not getting all the morning stuff done before william needed to be sitting at his desk at school at 8 a.m.  the paranoia paid off and the morning went well.  everyone got to where they needed to be.  and the wind finally moved some rain into our lives, if that's what it had been intending all along.  rainy enough that i opted for rain pants, but not so rainy that the boys agreed to wear them.

i chatted with the cows after getting groceries, then went home to clean up and proof read some articles.  after that i spent, what felt like, an inordinate amount of time prepping nachos for dinner.  then tutoring. then picking up the boys.  then making the dinner. playtime. story time.  and i can hear tonight that it's the other boy tossing and turning, unable to fall asleep.  somehow they never both seem to be able to fall asleep easily on the same night.  and now i'm finding that i'm tired.  so hopefully it will be a quiet night in these parts and we'll all settle in for a good night's rest.

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