Monday, October 5, 2015

in between

what do i know about humidity?  but as i know and think about it, it seems like denmark's humidity comes with the cooler months and that the midwest's humidity is all about summertime.  

this morning as i rode this path, it was a chilly humid out, which puts the emphasis on chilly.  but by the afternoon, (when this picture was taken) it was nearly warm... 

in between chilly and nearly warm:

we had a parent-teacher conference for henry (all is swell);

i worked out with my friend, and we carried on a long conversation in danish (and it was quite do-able. (she is from cuba and has been here for roughly the same amount of time as us.) it reminds me of a time i walked into language class early and two classmates were holding a conversation in english.  neither were native english speakers.  i joined in and one of them told me they could have a conversation in english with another non-native speaker, but it was much more difficult to have speak to me in english.  i think i now understand what she meant);

i proofread some articles and helped with a cover letter;

laundry.  always laundry;

picked up the boys;

hemmed and hawed over what to make for dinner (there was no common meal tonight) until five o'clock when i decided i needed to stop looking for some magically perfect recipe and just start cooking.

did the bedtime routine

and at 9:17, right before posting this, am hoping that i have two sleepers.  i have a feeling i only have one, as the other sounds like he's up with a little cough.

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nina said...

I think Baltic Europe is humid year round, but it loses its meaning in a summer where the temps never pass 70F. But it makes for a miserable winter. Significantly more miserable than what we have here in Wisconsin, even though we plunge way below freezing and northern Europe merely hovers.