Wednesday, October 7, 2015


did i say yesterday was windy?  
i have it in my head that 'overnight' is a mandatory transition phase for wind.  it will either stop or start while you're asleep and you'll wake up to something different.  however, yesterday's wind kept on straight through the night and is still going strong as i write this at 9 p.m.  
on this stretch you were either flying down the hill with the wind at your back, or here, struggling up it, and at other times, putting on the brakes as the wind tried to topple you sideways
but this is just the 'everything-but-heart-of-summer' season in denmark-- overcast and windy with a good chance of rain.  so why even write about it?  

this guy left today for england for a work meeting... 
but before he caught the train to the airport we got to have a rare lunch date together

which means (fingers crossed) i will be so on top of getting the boys out the door on time tomorrow.  wind, rain, or the unlikely event of shine.  

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