Sunday, October 18, 2015


we did go outside today.  greg, on a run.  the boys and i on a bike ride to the grocery store.  but i didn't get any pictures of another gray day.  not because i didn't intend to.  i intended for the boys and me to have a long, stretch-your-legs and get into a zen grocery shopping kind of mood, with a stop here and there for pictures of the cows lounging in the field on their day off or the very yellow leaves of the trees lining the road under the bridge we cross over, reminding me that there are a few fall spots here you cannot miss so long as you have your head turned in the right direction.  but both boys wanted to bike and that didn't allow me opportunities to stop and dig out the phone/camera.  

so the few pictures of today are from our times around the house.  

here, william shows off the sea buckthorn berries that became juice this morning... 
to be frozen for christmas (his choice).  we'll then mix it with another juice to make it palatable in more than 1/8 teaspoonful sips.  greg and the boys also went out and picked another load of apples and greg made that into juice, which we also froze for christmas (again, william's choice).  we'll get to enjoy a lot of juice two months from now.  in the meantime, i made myself some beet juice after a friend of mine pointed out how good it is for you. 

later, after all the juice making and grocery store shopping, there were robots to be made...

henry's robot
 and well after that, after dinner and showers, after greg and william went on an owl walk where they scared three pigeons but saw no owls, henry and i worked on a little sticker workbook together...

and even now, at 9:30, it's possible the little ones are still awake, trying to readjust to a school night.

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