Friday, October 16, 2015

broken glass

you know it is a good night when it starts with a broken lampshade and ends with a broken wine glass.  i would like to say henry had nothing to do with it, but you would see right through that.  

in the morning, things were a bit more subdued... 

william and henry work on apples... 

william goes over to a friend's house.

henry makes himself a candle holder...

in the late afternoon, william and his friend come over here.  henry wants nothing more than to be a part of whatever they are doing, but his excitement gets the better of him nearly every time and it becomes bigger than he is and he is bursting forth with energy and then, whoever realized that lampshade was even made of glass?

an hour or two later the rest of william's friend's immediate family comes over for dinner.  it is fortunate we are two families used to speaking over decibel levels at which "sustained exposure may result in hearing loss." amazingly, we were able to hold a conversation in a house which lacks enough furnishings to absorb sounds.  and as they were leaving there is a crash of glass in the kitchen, and to an outsider i look unhealthily obsessed with keeping a clean house.  they are barely out the door before i have the vacuum cleaner out (for the second time today) and it is after 9 o'clock at night.  

sometime before 10 p.m. we acquire a pet slug.  i promptly tape up the broken opening to the terrarium as he seems keen to move on before he's been granted official clemency from the boys.

nearly 11.  i am already looking forward to a cup of coffee in the morning.

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