Thursday, March 8, 2012

a couple of cool things i learned today:

1. there is an organic farm that will deliver vegetables, fruit, flour, meat (lamb only though), eggs, honey, even wool and knitting yarn, to our door every week! hallelujah!

one stereotype danes and maybe other non-americans (one russian chemist at least) have about americans is that we are into organic everything. (and basically we fit into this stereotype, so we're not doing a good job breaking the danes and the chemists that we come across of this notion.) but my perception is that many danes are also into organic everything. so it's strange it should be an american thing.

2. we can watch at least some pbs programs on! we can't watch netflix or hulu or any of the main networks online. (we never have yet ventured up to watch the tv that's in the loft.) we apparently have to pay if we want to continue using spotify here. we're not missing these things really, but it's still exciting to know that not everything's blocked to us outcasts. we watched a rousing documentary on annie oakley after dinner, because william spotted her holding a gun while i was browsing through the options and he is sort of obsessed with weapons right now. argh.

3. okay, i discovered this (and wouldn't necessarily call it cool) a couple of weeks ago, but since i've got a list going, i'll share: rye flour does not taste like rye bread. caraway seeds taste like rye bread.

okay, so everyone else in the world knew this except for me? fine. fine.

oh, and something i learned this morning-- don't try to make pancakes with rye flour-- at least not solely rye flour-- or if you do, find a special rye flour pancake recipe, because if you just try substituting it into your everyday better homes and gardens pancake recipe, you might come out with a half-cooked pile of mush like i did.

4. this is not cool-- but danes don't recycle cans. coke cans-- yes. canned goods cans-- no. we don't yet know why, but when we find out, we'll let you know. oh, and no plastic either! what?!

5. again, not so cool-- children's parks are not handicapped accessible. you find them sitting in the middle of bumpy, muddy fields.

6. again, not so cool-- one of the biggest complaints among non-danes in denmark is that they have a hard time integrating into danish society and making friends with danes. i'm trying not to see this as a problem we're having quite yet.

7. danes don't use dryer sheets.

and now, here's a video of tricky henry. not so tricky though today as he was the other day when his clever plan to reach new heights actually worked...


Kit Nat said...

We stream most of our movies and tv shows online. It is the only way to watch anything overseas from the us.

Anonymous said...

Hi Regan, Greg and mischief makers,
The video of Henry is great fun. It is nice that you can let him explore without picking him up and just saying "no, you'll get hurt" He's thinking & improvising every minute.
I look forward to each new blog.
Love, Gram H.

greg|regan said...

Natalie-- where do you stream from???

Gram H.-- he'd just find a way to trick me if i told him that.