Friday, March 30, 2012

party plans

tired!  at some point after greg got home this afternoon i must have allowed myself to sit down and take my eyes off henry, because now i feel tired.

and probably i should choose to go to sleep at a decent hour because tomorrow is a big day.  the day that william turns into a 4 year old! the explanation point is mine, not his.  his anxiety about this has not ceased.  "this is my last day as a 3 year old,"  he said tearfully.  still, he's excited for cake and ice cream, a party, and presents.  we will have neighbors over to help celebrate-- they were gracious in accepting-- something we are noticing about them.  also, one said, "as long as there is coffee, you see that we are happy to come."  coffee it is-- real coffee, not instant.  and chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.  a vanilla ice cream and a swirly kind.  the ice cream will be william's favorite part of the cake and ice cream, unless something has changed that we don't know about.  he and i went over there today to buy candles and found one package in the entire store waiting for us, plus some balloons, cashews, little chocolates, some meat, bread, cheese, and of course, the fish for tomorrow's dinner.  greg went over the other day and got bacon for breakfast-- william's self-proclaimed "favorite growing food."

well, that's all for tonight.  i leave you with a picture of him when he was about 6 weeks old...


Kate said...

I remember this photo from when you first posted it, such a great capture of that baby boy! Happy birthday to William, and happy birthing day to you. Hope you all have time to enjoy it.

Martha said...

Four is the first birthday I remember. Don't recall mourning for 3 BUT I did flat out refuse 20 because I didn't want to not be a teenager. However, then along came 21 and who can refuse THAT. Ha!