Wednesday, March 21, 2012

they saw their shadows

what i've been waiting for-- a blue sky with a warm sun.  one of the nicest days, weather-wise, we've had since moving here... at least that's the way it feels after four cloudy, cold days in a row.  
that is me, not a cloud, blocking the sun

i'll let the trees tell you today, what i'm always saying... 

so despite the sun, the wind keeps us in our cool weather clothes.  a juxtaposition of sun, sand, and hooded jackets...

we weren't in winter coats?  no mittens?  

okay, i'll take it, wind and all.  

and here is a little video of big guy henry... 

i wanted to impress greg with this video, but apparently henry did this same thing at a different park with greg where the slide was much higher and the stairs much more treacherous.  go figure.

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