Sunday, March 25, 2012


this morning when we woke up, greg looked at his "smart" phone, compared it to the clock in the kitchen and determined that we'd slept until almost 8 a.m., which meant, with last night's time change, we had technically slept in until almost 9 a.m.  which felt like a sluggish way to start springing ahead.  about an hour later, when we compared it to the clock on the wall, we realized that not only is greg's phone quite smart, so is the digital kitchen clock.  both had automatically updated themselves.  we'd really only slept until almost 7 a.m., and with the time change, almost 8 a.m. much better!  some years, you really notice that you've lost an hour, but it didn't feel that way today.  maybe because we narrowly avoided losing two.  

today was one of those rare consistent days.  we awoke to sun and it stayed with us until evening (well after 7 now).  a beautiful, almost warm day.  we decided to pack a picnic and go on a bike ride through farmland, north of roskilde.

upon entering trekroner (co-housing central), on our way out of town

preparing the fields

taking a break from field-feeding
greg, well ahead, after i stopped for the swans

for those who do not believe denmark is a hilly country, i would urge you, should you ever find yourself in this area, to hook a burley up to your bike, fill it with a couple of kids, and ride into the countryside.  the hills will reveal themselves hundreds of yards (well, meters here) in advance and you will whisper some variation of "oh nellie" under your breath.  at least, that was my approach.  but of course, we already knew there were hills in denmark as we seem to live on a hill which sits upon a hill.  i just know there's a rumor going around about a flat country.

we made our way to ├ągerup-- a little town inland.  found a park, had a picnic, played.

greg's confidence jumping into the air, makes it look as though he might be standing on the ground.

one thing we have noticed here is that dogs are very well behaved.  yes, there are some barking behind fences as you pass by, but mostly they walk casually behind their owners, off their leashes.  never bothering to run up and greet you or some other dog they might pass.  at the park today, just such an illustration of the trust people put in their dogs to make the right choices, always.  a little girl and her (leashed) dog, who surely weighs more than she does... 

on the way home, we switch... greg gets the burley.  he is faster with it.  we see the same windmills as yesterday, only this time with more farm fields between us...

and a promise of things to come...


Kit Nat said...

It is so beautiful!!!

greg|regan said...

thanks natalie! it really is!