Tuesday, March 13, 2012


we got a letter today from the pladsanvisning that one of the nurseries has a spot open for henry beginning april 1. unfortunately, we didn't get that same letter for william... yet. hopefully they will get him into the same place though. he needs school more than henry does, but i am excited for henry to start hearing more danish. and also a little sad. it feels like this is the end of his days at home (of course, as long as i don't have a job i will only keep him in part-time, so long as he remains a "little guy.") i have been lucky to be able to spend 13 months at home with him (save for the 3 months i worked over the summer) and it feels strange that, of the two of us, it will be him leaving home first. (i believe i was telling greg just yesterday as i was pulling out my hair in a moment of frustration: I NEED TO GET A JOB!)

but there you have it. i just hope he doesn't bite anyone.

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