Thursday, March 15, 2012


we are having the kind of spring madison should be having, and madison is having summer.

today would have been one of those days in madison to remind you that it is only march 15th and early spring in wisconsin still has one foot firmly rooted in winter (except this year).

cold, overcast, windy.

a good day to build tall towers...


and learn new tricks...

aware of the chatter in our old lives about 'this strange & unsettling weather' as i hurry, shivering to and from the washer and dryer, feeling like i'm missing out, but reminding myself that madison is not home right now... and maybe... anymore.

though as i write this i hear william talking to greg about "when we move back to wisconsin..." just as he spoke to me today. he knows this might not happen but he is a beacon of hope when it comes to this topic.

as it goes with leaving madison and moving to denmark, for william and i, we are your typical days in early spring. some are all about the warmth and invigoration of the days ahead. others, tributes to a passing season. most, somewhere in between.

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