Monday, March 12, 2012

grocery store trivial pursuits

both guys were up early to commemorate the beginning of a new week. in fact, william was up at 2 a.m. insisting he'd had enough sleep and wanting to go up and do a lego battle. it took him about 45 minutes of tossing and turning to return to slumberville. i was completely unaware of this until this morning as greg is on permanent overnight william duty (because i am on permanent overnight henry duty). sometimes greg's job is harder than mine, even though henry never sleeps through the night.

so we had a morning of playing while waiting for the super best (SB) to open (i figured sometime around 9:30 or 10, as is customary for these parts).

then we finally finished our weekend shopping trip. the first day we arrived in denmark and went to the SB, i forgot to weigh the pre-packaged grapes. i'd avoided this problem ever since that day, but today, it was slow enough in the store that i asked someone when i should expect to weigh items and when i could go forth into the world with produce of an unknown mass. so now i know that if the price is measured "per kg.," i need to use the scale and figure out what those kg's are. the problem is when i pick out a single shallot, but can't decipher the produce signs to figure out which one translates to shallot, to know if it's per piece or per kilogram. and i think... yes, they vary in size, so it's probably per kilogram, but am i honestly supposed to adhere a big sticker printout onto this little shallot? no.

well, i was wrong. and to my shame, i picked the same cashier who'd told me just three weeks prior, that i didn't weigh the grapes. only this time, when he said it to me in danish, holding up the shallot, i knew that i'd done wrong and that i should have known better. he left to weigh the shallot, which bought me some time in bagging up my other items. i'm very slow at this skill and often get lapped by two or three people behind me in line.

when he came back:

okay, so the sticker goes on the shallot. i will not make this mistake again.

later, more playing, lunch, nap, lego battle, outside, and then a walk down the long street to meet greg on his way home from work. he took the guys to the park while i turned off at home to start dinner. which is when i realized we were out of onions. let us chalk this entire next thought process up to long-term sleep deprivation and major life transitions. so i thought-- greg is already out-- how can i get a message to him to stop by the SB on the way home to pick up onions? well, he'd just emailed me his new ("smart") phone number and i thought-- maybe i can call him through skype (because his is the only phone between us right now). of course that didn't work. then i thought-- ah! it's a smart phone. i can email him a message and he will get it on his phone. so i did that. then i waited. and thought, he probably doesn't even have his phone on him. this is going to take a long time. i'm going to have to wait until he gets home and then maybe he can run over there... and that's when it finally hit me-- i have a bicycle. my current location is also very near to the SB. and i don't have two children in tow. i can just get my own shoes and coat on and go. it doesn't even have to be a 15 minute affair just to get to that point in the journey where we open the front door. i can go and be back in the time it would take me to double knot henry's shoes! and this would also be a good time to replenish the bag of mini chocolate chip cookies we bought in the morning as a special treat, and which william had been so excited about and which i had steadily and stealthily been working my way through since after lunch.

and it all worked! i couldn't believe how much easier it was getting to the grocery store when i a) have a bike and b) live close to it. i haven't lived so close to a grocery store-- maybe ever. and i dearly love my old neighborhood in madison and if we move back would love to move back there, but if we do, i think i will have to start up a little grocery store somehow... with all my business knowledge. and as an aside, i would like to say that we are starting to appreciate the super best, even as we continue to complain about it. we simply have not found anything much better (but we're still working on the farm veggie delivery.)

tonight's dinner: fish curry. it was delicious. go ahead and add a lot more spices than your recipe calls for and some extra tomato sauce. you won't be disappointed!

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