Tuesday, March 20, 2012


i was really hoping i'd wake up this morning and find the sun shining.  i did not.  

coming from madison where the weather seems to follow a pattern and there are perpetual successions of blue skies, one day after the next, marked by the occasional gray and dreary day, or even occasional successions of gray and dreary days, this staccato motif of gray, blue, rainy, sunny, drizzly, with no apparent logic behind it except that the wind moves faster here, is difficult for me to embrace.  really it's the gray and rainy days that come so often that i can't get excited about.  

we should have considered a period of transition in seattle perhaps.  

so we stayed inside through lunch today, but since we were inside most of yesterday with all of the cold, crazy winds, we bundled up after lunch to look for yet another new park.  it wasn't exactly a surprise discovery as i knew there was a park near the viking museum, which is a couple kilometers from our house, but we hadn't been there yet and i felt like getting out of our immediate neighborhood.  

so, just to give you the full tour of roskilde parks, here are a couple of pictures from today's find:

like a gladiator!

with a view of the fjord

unfortunately it was much colder and windier that close to the fjord than it had been from where we started out, so i didn't think to pack mittens for the guys.  after about 10 minutes william suggested we go to the viking ship museum to warm up.  a spot we'd planned to go to last weekend but never got around to doing.  i was excited to see it so we walked over.

william said, "this is such a nice, quite place." and it was-- we were one of the few people there.

i wish i could give you some interesting information about the museum, the vikings, their ships, but i spent most of the time with a view of this little viking...

here he is in one of the two replica ships available for the public to venture onto...

and well-behaved william, sitting aft, watching a film that was playing about a replica viking ship that journeyed around... and that's all i was able to catch as i followed henry around...

outside the museum-- roskilde ship

one more.

goodnight! hope for sun and warmth tomorrow! 

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