Monday, March 26, 2012


so we didn't notice that yesterday felt any shorter, but today, we really felt the loss of that extra hour of sleep.  fortunately for them, unfortunately for us, the guys have not had to adjust.  to bed a little bit later last night (so we were as well), up a little bit later today (which we were not), and again tonight, everything's pushed a little later.

when greg got home this afternoon, we were both feeling a little bit of a waste of a day.  but such another nice day it was, so we decided to enjoy it, while also claiming some small victory today-- finding the post office and mailing a letter that's been needing to be sent.  we were also on the lookout for a package for william, whose 4th birthday is coming up on saturday.  the post office does not deliver packages.  but if it comes from the u.s. they do take the time to open it up and see if there's anything worth taxing (say, something over $50) and anything worth taking (e.g. food).  unfortunately the package was not there, but we went into the center of roskilde (having lured william into the burley with the temptation of a bagel sandwich) and i was able to sneak away to the toy store for a quick shopping trip.  it is fun to shop for a 4 year old.  it will be mostly battle loot this year. and a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, and as a birthday dinner, fish, mashed potatoes, and broccoli and carrots baked with bread crumbs and blue cheese-- his requests.

today i asked him if he wanted to help me count the number of days he had left as a three year old.  this was probably a bad choice of words on my part.  after a few seconds he turned to me with tears welling up and said, "i'm just sad that i'm not going to be three anymore... i'm excited about my birthday because it's a fun party, but i'm feeling anxious about being four."  so much change for this little guy in the past month and a half.  such big feelings for an almost four year old.


kat said...

oh my! sweet william.
i mailed his envelope yesterday and they said 8-10 days...hope the danes don't steal a music cd!

greg|regan said...

we will look forward to it kat!