Saturday, March 24, 2012


today held the promise of 10 (i.e. 50) degree weather, with sun.  all morning it was cold.  maybe 3 or 4.  and froggy.  by 1 p.m. we were on our bikes to a goodbye party for a guy in greg's lab who'd finished up his Ph.D.  my eyes were watering on my bike, it was so chilly.  i figured the sun had given up on trying to burn up the fog by this point in the day and had moved on.  

about an hour into the party, the view of the fjord was this...
frogs. everywhere.

two hours into the party though...
the sun's cloaked persistence paid off.

william and henry were the only two little ones at the party, and something that is surely universal-- it is difficult to fully engage in the conversation and general flow of the party when you are continually saying, 'one second here, hold that thought... henry, nej tak, NEJ TAK! (no thank you, NO THANK YOU!)' 

but, it was good to meet people from greg's lab and the general risø campus.  it seemed to be an almost even mix of danes and non-danes.  there were two people from russia, the host was turkish, her roommate italian, her other roommate from northern jutland (denmark's peninsula, which might actually make him a foreigner to the zealand danes), us scrappy americans, and the guest of honor, a czech.  

on the way home we rode through a neighborhood not far from greg's lab.  for that reason, it would be nice to move there when we have to leave our current abode this summer, but it doesn't have a grocery store (or doesn't appear to) and it's also pretty fancy, on a hill, overlooking the fjord.  and unfortunately my camera ran out of batteries before we got there, so i couldn't photograph it, but i'm sure we'll be over there again.

a few photos i did get on our way home...
the windmills are part of risø.  in the far distance, greg's lab on a little peninsula of the fjord.

farmland between home and work

a bike path the entire length of the trip-- this road is one of the main highways too.
tonight we move our clocks forward, so when you think of us, we're plenty of hours ahead of your thought.

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