Tuesday, April 24, 2012

flying lessons

william's teacher taught him a few phrases in danish today:

'i have to go to the bathroom.'

'wash your hands'  and

'clean up your toys.'

(self-serving? maybe.)

anyhow, when i got there, she demonstrated by saying these things to him in danish, which he was then able to translate to me in english.  an exciting moment! he even said to greg and me today, "jeg hedder regan" (my name is regan), which he hears me say everyday to teachers and parents, but mostly to his classmates.  they are honest in their puzzled looks, yet forgiving in that they keep coming back with smiles, asking me what my name is.  and henry is starting to make some strange babbling sounds, sticking his tongue out, which must be a learning-to-speak-danish thing, because i don't remember william ever making these noises, and because our teacher is always telling the class, "keep your tongues in your mouths!"  

so, it's starting for all of us.  but as greg and i struggle up the steep and craggy danish mountain (which i think we will), it's going to be satisfying the day we see william and henry flying overhead.

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