Thursday, April 26, 2012

sleep bug

this little monkey took a 3 hour and 15 minute nap today.  but tonight he is asleep.  in his bed by 9.  this is something of a feat, and there were more than a few two-minute intervals of crying to get us there-- something we have rarely resorted to in parenthood.  

we are feeling the exhaustion of a week of late nights and early mornings, and by 9:30 it's hard for me to put together a coherent post.   

as i write this, his big brother is doing whatever he can to prolong bedtime.  i marvel at how they can be anywhere in the vicinity of a bed and not feel compelled to get in it, pull the covers up, and fall soundly asleep.  these children will be the last to leave the party.  i'm sure of it. 

after dinner tonight, william collected a bunch of pill bugs from outside and brought them in to show me. which i am now showing to you.  i'm alright with bugs, but william is really alright with them.  as some of you may know, when we went camping last summer, a bug flew into william's mouth.  he took it out, looked at it, put it back in his mouth and ate it.  

and he is the sensible one of the two.  

 well, i'm going to go catch up on sleep now.  until tomorrow... enjoy your thursday.


Sheila Tow said...

It's a good thing for Henry that he is so darn cute!!

greg|regan said...

yes mom! he's hard to be too grumpy with. especially if you ask him if he wants to lay down and he smiles and shakes his head 'no.'