Sunday, April 22, 2012


persille and jon, if you will remember, the family our landlord set us up with, who greg runs with on saturdays, invited us to visit the boserup skov (the boserup forest), occupying a rather large area of the southern part of the roskilde fjord.  

because at this moment the flowers are in bloom.  anemone, to be exact... carpeting the skov floor... 

as soon as we got on our bikes to meet them at their house, it began to drizzle.  as we left their house for the forest, it began to rain harder, until finally we had to stop under a bus stop shelter and wait for it to subside.  but by the time we got there it had stopped and we were able to walk along a path above the fjord (without getting wet).

in the distance (below), there is an island with a lake in the middle.  the salinity is lower than in the fjord.  one theory is that it is a glacial lake... that as a dirt-covered glacier melted, the dirt ran down the sides packing down the dirt below it, to form a ring around the glacier water.
ring of earth

showing its roots

at this point it began to drizzle again, so we made our way to a shelter area...

where william explored the small camping shelter...

and then it started to pour, so we all took refuge inside it.
the view from the shelter

except for henny, who had just finished his nap...

william snapped this photo of his dad and brother...

after half an hour we walked back to our bikes in the rain.  there wasn't a good break and henry was not content to sit and stay warm.  it was a cold rain and both he and greg were wet in their coats.  

finally, as we got back to our bikes, the rain stopped and we had a cold, but beautiful, but picture-less, ride home.  

and two little well-rested boys with late bedtimes, which always means two tired parents with even later bedtimes.  so goodnight! 

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