Thursday, April 5, 2012


i thought i could write a haiku poem about how crappy i feel today.  something short and sweet and i could go back to sleep.  but i haven't brushed up on the technical aspects of it since fourth grade and didn't want to get it wrong, so no haiku.  despite regular doses of ibuprofen, i have not had the stretch i did yesterday that allowed me to get outside, sit at the table for dinner, and do the dishes.  today, i washed my face, brushed my teeth, showered, got dressed, and went back to lying down.  ugh.

right now greg is walking the guys down to the fjord in hopes that henry will fall asleep-- a walk is something they do most nights with this goal in mind.  tonight william went with.  and i am looking at the toys scattered around the floor, trying to muster up the energy to be a useful member of this household by picking them up.  but i don't see it happening. hopefully tomorrow will be better.

i leave you with a picture greg took last night down at the fjord...

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