Tuesday, April 10, 2012

tuesday, in which i got us to the right place at the right time on three good tires

"this is a little ridiculous," i thought.  "okay, i'm going to email (my friend) mara, because she knows something about proper exercising and stretching and she will be able to tell me what i am doing wrong that my leg muscles are burning just a half a block into this ride."

i was pulling william to the super best this afternoon and was embarrassing myself that the short ride was proving so quickly to be a bit of a strain on the legs.  then we parked and william got out of the burley and said, "such and such flat tire."  and that's when i saw that the back right tire of the burley was completely flat.  i suddenly had less to be embarrassed about.  (well, you could say i should be embarrassed that i rode around without realizing the tire was flat.)

and the better news was that we were right next to the bike store.  i would not have to ride home with a flat.  though neither would i put to use the skills my neighbor taught, but i only halfway retained, about how to fix a flat tire.  he would probably be happy to hear that they patched the inner tube, rather than letting me purchase a brand new one, which is what i, in my ignorance, asked for.

that was the most eventful happening of the day.  while the rest of denmark got back to work and to school after the long holiday, we didn't. (reference henry's face, below.)

tonight we are looking for houses.  we have until the end of june to find something and then we are out on the street.  not a good prospect.

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