Wednesday, April 4, 2012


i woke up sick.  i was feeling it a bit yesterday... a tightness in my chest which i chalked up to hauling the guys in the burley in cold weather.  maybe that's what started it.  anyway, when i got out of bed i had a cough and by the time i got out of the shower my throat was sore, which made me wonder if colds here transform as quickly as the weather seems to.  perhaps i can have the congestion done with by tomorrow evening and be on the mend by friday.  by the time i was done with breakfast, my bones started to ache, so greg stayed home from work while i was laid up in bed all morning and into the early afternoon.  by now though i'm tylenolified and rested so i figure i'm good for at least a few hours, until the medicine drops off.  the sun was out today and the wind died down this afternoon so we sat and had tea and coffee out by the sandbox.  

henry fell and cut his lip or bit it.  a neighbor brought out a popsicle for him, which william helped him eat, but he got a kick out of the popsicle stick... 

later, william was able to engage one of the neighbors in a double light "saver" battle, by holding up his knight's sword and pointing it toward his friend, who promptly went inside and brought out his light sabers.  the language of play.  


in some news, we received information about our danish lessons. they begin next wednesday and will occur on mondays and wednesdays, 12:30-2:00, at risø (greg's lab).  william doesn't begin school until the second day of class, so we will have to arrange something that first wednesday.  likely one of us will not attend.  anyway, i expect there will finally be a bit more danish in this house with all of us in school.  

time to think about dinner.  some salmon and asparagus! 

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Sheila Tow said...

Sorry you aren't feeling well. Maybe you picked up a bug at the school. I would bring you some hot soup if I could!