Monday, April 30, 2012


the long awaited day is here (and officially ends in 45 minutes).  

william and i played hooky from our respective institutions of play and learning to take a bus and a train to wait for an airplane from chicago.  

a little journey all in itself... waiting and watching

at the airport we shared a hotdog, read from 'ramona the pest,' and looked for familiar faces.  and they arrived! william and i shared a hot chocolate while we waited for a direct train back home.  (i felt 98% confident i could get us back by way of a stop at copenhagen's central station, but the wait allowed for some caffeine for the travelers (one of whom was weary) and gave us that additional 2% guarantee we'd make it to our destination.)  

good pals... together again... 

familiar faces...

and tonight as we sat reading to william before bed, a scene so familiar from visits past, and this house now so familiar to me... it seemed possible to forget it was all happening in denmark.


kat said...

yay! seeing grampa woof and william reunited even makes ME choke up!! have a great visit!!

Kit Nat said...

Have a great time with Greg's parents!!!