Monday, April 9, 2012


henry's face does a good job at summing up today, for this family at least.  we are all at some stage of fighting our own variations of this illness.  william, who'd seemed to recover the fastest, never got out of his pajamas (at least, he hasn't yet, and it's 7:45 in the evening) and spent much of the day in bed.  greg and henry also spent a good portion of the day in repose, and me by necessity, as henry was loath to allow anyone to lay him down.

at one point i told greg optimistically that someday this will all be easier.  i meant that in a long-term (one day we'll be vacationing in some florida town in orthopedic shoes) sense, but it is strange how few days (six) it takes for the mindset to establish itself that health, what you had just a week ago, is now a long way off.  a someday sort of goal.

so there you have it.  our someday (in a short-term sense) goal: health.

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