Saturday, April 14, 2012

the post which was short because i have homework to do...

today was a work day for our little community-- rake, prune, sweep out, prune, mow, prune-- my how they prune!  you didn't want to be a new little branch of an apple tree in this neighborhood today.  

participation was great.  but i have to say, among the under 5 crowd, it was spotty.  william though... i'm just going to come right out and assert that he was the hardest worker in his age group.  

henry was a bit of a wild card.  he'd push a wheelbarrow for a few minutes, become bored with it, walk up to someone's door or their bike or their car or their dog.  easily distracted and you can tell, the work ethic just isn't quite there yet.

but he's awfully cute!

tonight we had potato leek soup, topped with homemade croutons, bacon, and parsley.  mmmm!  if you haven't had potato leek soup in awhile, now is probably not the time to do it, but for some reason, we have leeks now and we're getting more tomorrow in our very not local vegetable box, so we had a need for such a soup-- because danish fridges do not hold very many leeks.

then we went on a family walk down to the fjord.  perfectly lovely as always...

and by the time we got home, we had two sleepers.

now, on to danish homework!

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