Monday, April 16, 2012


two months ago we came over here and began transitioning to our new lives.  as the weeks went by, we settled into a routine.  two weeks ago, we began transitioning out of that routine and into what will become our new one.  nursery. kindergarten. danish lessons.  today was william's first day of kindergarten and our first day of danish lessons.  when i asked william how things went today he said, "it was so good.  it was so good."
transitions are exciting.  it means things are happening.  i like this time when it's all new, but i did feel sad today leaving the school without any children in tow.  and henry is definitely feeling the transition.  sleep time has been incredibly challenging for a boy who is usually falling asleep by 7:30, give or take a half hour.  right now it is 10:15 and greg and i have been trading off trying to get him to sleep since 7:00.  this struggle has been happening on and off for the last week or so.  being sick didn't help, but i think being away from home and changing things up is the bigger culprit.
so as i publish this post, i will put the computer away, turn off the light, and he will fall asleep in our bed tonight.  what it is that i think he's holding out for.
so a short post.  goodnight. 

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