Sunday, August 30, 2015

4 people, 4 pictures

today, sunday....

for greg: making breakfast for everybody, making a recipe-less banana bread with henry, going for a run, making lunch for henry and i, taking henry out to the creek to catch (and then throw back) little fish in a net, potentially risking life and limb to finally, finally, vacuum cobwebs and clean windows way out of our normal reach (and later, those within reach), making a chicken dinner, cleaning up a chicken dinner, reading william to sleep.

for william: morning cartoons, building legos, going over to his friend's house for a long play date and finding a bird's skull and daddy long legs legs that were "alive" without a body, riding home by himself, more lego building, listening to a couple chapters of "the wind boy", dinner, shower, pjs, reading "alexander and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day" with just a little help, getting read to sleep.

for henry: morning cartoons, making that banana bread with greg, building legos, making drawings with a taped on ribbon strap for greg (so he can carry the drawings around), going out to the creek to catch fish in a net and bring flowers back for an empty pot, coloring with me and making an early christmas present for someone, listening to "the wind boy", dinner, shower, pjs, getting read to sleep.  

for me: folding laundry, breakfast, searching through millions of legos to find the right pieces and helping to build a lego gas station, biking william over to his playdate, grocery shopping, carrying a chicken, two jars of peanut butter, a bag of flour, a bag of oats, two liters of milk, bok choy, avocados, butter, and my sweatshirt (it got decently warm out) home in my bike basket, enjoying a quiet house while henry and greg went down to the creek, potentially risking greg falling on me as he risked life and limb to vacuum the cobwebs as i stood on a chair and held the base of the vacuum cleaner up for him, reading "the wind boy" aloud as greg made dinner and the boys played with legos, folding the dry laundry and hanging up wet laundry, reading henry to sleep.  

this was outside the grocery store... probably one of the sleekest 'christiania bikes' i've ever seen...

i took the photo before i went into the store.  when i came out there was a guy talking to the owner about how cool it was, so i wasn't alone in my thinking.

the bread.  it was a hit.

the daring ascent...

and the flowers... 

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Anonymous said...

Yes I agree the bike looks sleek..but it needs some paintwork like the one from this link
I bet your boys would love that one :D