Thursday, August 6, 2015

thor's day

there was no way i was getting the boys back to the grocery store today, but we managed to get along for breakfast and lunch with what little store we've built up in a couple of small trips since we've been back.  late in the day when i was trying to figure out dinner, i walked over to the little farm store while the boys were jumping on the trampoline, but a sign on the door told me it had been closed since early july for the summer holidays and it won't open back up until saturday.  i guess i shouldn't really call it a farm store, because a month in the summer would be a silly time for a farm store to close up shop.  it's just a tiny grocery store in an old farm building run by a co-housing neighborhood.  food comes in from everywhere.  so i walked back and used eight of our ten eggs and most of our potatoes and made a sloppy version of a spanish omelette, which requires a total of 5 ingredients, and that's counting the salt and oil.  and i lamented that none of our greens really made it while we were gone.  the swiss chard did succeed in growing to immense proportions and going to seed, but that's success on its terms, not ours, and today i cut it down.

as for the boys, they played.  inside for much of the morning (well... what was left of it after a 10 a.m.! wakeup) but later out in a fort in the woods and then a trip down the bike path to the stream...

there's a boy in this picture somewhere

the dam that william built
it's 9:30.  greg's up reading with the boys and as far as i know, not a one of them is asleep yet.  still, we're trying.

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