Thursday, August 20, 2015

aloe me to introduce you to evidence of my poor indoor gardening techniques

9:00 and i feel ready for sleep.  i stretched my danish knowledge to the limits trying to understand get the gist of everything going on at a parent meeting tonight for william's class.  maybe that's why. also henry was utterly disappointed to learn that movie night is not tonight, but tomorrow night, so we all struggled with his big emotions there, so maybe that's why.

in any event, maybe i can just use this post to ask you what on earth i am doing wrong with my aloe plant.  it was dull, dark green, and struggling when we left it with an old neighbor while we went to the u.s.

she brought it back and it was vibrant green with tons of new leaves.  now the colors are fading again on many of the leaves.  she said she watered it once a week.  i was probably watering it less than that, but now i'm trying to be better.  it's been pretty warm where it sits in the kitchen (not on the stove... i just moved it there for the picture)... so... maybe it really needs me to be on top of the once a week watering... or maybe it needs more than that?  any ideas?  i'm thinking of asking her to adopt it if i can't figure out how to make it happy.


Judy said...

Sorry I can't help with the plant. We stick it in the ground next to the house and it gets so big you have to cut it back. Or let the kids cut off leaves to use them to polish wood for fairy houses. Maybe you should move here.

nina said...

It's all about light, water and food. Stare at the spot where she kept it and find an analogous one in your home. I don't usually give advice, but you asked! :)