Friday, August 28, 2015



we all got up early to take henry to preschool and say 'farvel' to the school leader who's heading into retirement.  

i got caught in a rainstorm sometime earlier this week... and then again this afternoon.  caught = no rain gear, out on my bike somewhere between one of the schools and home.  i was out in a rainstorm more than once this week.  out = the same, except i'm smart enough to have my rain gear on.  anyway, it all equals a lot of rain this week.  

here's henry on one of those days... just in case the sun dare shine... 

and finally, today, it did. a beautiful blue sky behind all those clouds, and the rain held off and i even put the laundry out on a dry porch until eventually it rained as henry and i were readying ourselves to leave his school playground to go pick up william.  no warning except that you are in denmark and that is considered fair warning enough.  i should have known better.

here are the skies on my way to pick up henry...

two more pictures and then bed... 

who says wine has to come in a standard wine bottle?

not the makers of anna-lena.  

and speaking of wine bottles... i've found a use for them... 

william whittled down the end of the candle so that it would fit.  our first since we've been back.

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