Saturday, August 8, 2015

water through a chive

the weekend and all its possibilities for improving life or the laundry pile and just mustering the energy to get up and get done all those amorphous ideas.  my ambitions today had something to do with food and putting up as much of it as possible.  some early fall (it was cool temperatures today here) throwback to when we used to garden or the fact that until 12:30 today (after the groceries rolled in (in the burley)) we still had very little food in the house.  

william was at a friend's house all day today and while greg and henry walked to the grocery store to get all the things on our list, i made two batches of pesto.  that's where energy levels and ambitions collide and... well... just barely don't cancel each other out.  

henry at lunch... he didn't want pepper slices. better to go at it like a cob of corn.  

later though, i made some really sugary good peanut butter popcorn concoction and wisely gave half of it away.  and henry and greg picked a colander's worth of cherries and we pitted them, froze two jar's worth and dried two cookie sheet's worth (which equals one jar's worth) and cooked down the juice into four tablespoon's worth of bittersweet syrupy stuff.

it's all there behind henry, who's drinking water through a chive.

well, your ambitions for this day stretch far beyond this blog, so i'll end with this little video.  happy weekending!  

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nina said...

... so good to be reading your account again!