Wednesday, August 19, 2015

meat and potatoes

not a lot of pictures for you today.  i helped again in cooking the common meal this evening (the potato peeling machine is awesome; the potatoes themselves giving my right arm a workout;  the parsley a selfless herb in how little work it demanded of me to pull leaf from stem; the carrots must have been the thing that stained the tips of my fingers; cucumbers, quick and easy to chop; pears, easier than apples; the one head of cauliflower, an afterthought).  the meal itself was fish-- head, bones, and all (1 per person), a salad with sunflower seeds and melon, and the snacking vegetables and fruit i chopped.  oh, and the potatoes, roasted.  greg did the dishes.  the boys were mostly interested in the fish head and skeleton.  william said he wanted to eat the meat from the head.  

here's henry, heading out to school this morning... 

and speaking of sunflower seeds, i found some little jars at the grocery store this morning to put them in (the ones henry and i made up all special like, savory and sweet) so they'll actually get eaten.  and it's working!

and this is the stick that henry brought home, just like that, on his bike...

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