Friday, August 14, 2015

it's friday... so take your gym suit home.

last official day of henry vacation.  

in the morning: "mama, take a picture of me playing guitar.  like this."... 

a little yoga while i clean up the dishes...

speaking of yoga, i've been doing it again for the past week or so.  i think it helps some of my achy joints in the short-term, but i think i need to keep at it to see some longer-term benefits.

his first family portrait... i love it how alien-zombie we all look!

later, we practice some of our savory snack recipes.  roasted chick-peas with paprika... (from heidi swanson, super natural every day)

also roasted sunflower seeds with worcestershire sauce (from 'more-with-less cookbook)'.  and then a sweet snack... toasted sunflower seeds with lemon zest and brown sugar... (from heidi swanson)

 then lots of big puzzles...

and trying out some homemade "ice cream" he made yesterday, which was surprisingly good as long as it was nice and frozen.  (recipe by henry: peel an apple, put it in a big bowl, mash it up with a potato masher, add lots of milk, keep mashing, have your mom tap in a little bit of cinnamon.  stir. freeze.)

when william got home he showed us a new gap in his mouth.

tooth number three came out during class.  i asked him what he's going to do with it.  "keep it like i did with my last one."  "you're not going to put it under your pillow?"  "no, i'm going to collect them and put five under my pillow all at once."

(soooo... about that tooth number 2 that was sitting on our kitchen counter for weeks....)

no matter... he'll forgive me i'm sure...

hey! it's friday!

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