Friday, August 21, 2015

mosquito eater

if you remember watching 'spaceballs' as a seven year old and loving it and therefore decide to show your seven year old and your four year old the movie because it seemed harmless back in the 80s... well...  you're mostly right, but i'll tell you now, there's a lot more swearing in that movie than in most of the shows they're probably watching.  and some kissing.  so there you have it.  you can show it or not show it, fully informed.  

would you like to see the spoon and the butter knife william whittled... 

he made a two-pronged fork today too, which didn't make it into the picture.  

and here's henry getting read to go to school (which felt bittersweet as he had been spending fridays home with me... maybe we'll go back to that, but this week he was just so excited about school that he went)... 

you'll notice the box on the back of his bike.  he collected some spiders to show to his class.  but when he opened it up a huge (what we call) mosquito eater (though perhaps more formally known as a crane fly) flew out instead.  (there was a spider in the box too and i suppose the mosquito eater was looking for any excuse to be rid of such a dangerous roommate... otherwise why wouldn't he stick around in a small container so a bunch of delicately fingered four year olds could examine him (or her)?)  

okay, friday!  finish your work and go home!

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